What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not something you can just add to your website. SEO involves a complex process in order to build the authority of a website in Google’s eyes. It has to be strategic and executed in the correct manner.

Organic Search Results

When we talk about getting onto Page#1 of Google in this case we are talking about the results that are displayed naturally by the search engines in response to a search term, as shown below.


You cannot pay Google to get here. Google has to decide that you are the best fit for the search term in order to place you there. These are called Organic Search results.

These are the most sought after spots online, because they provide the best quality traffic for any business. There is a very good reason that large companies employ full-time SEO experts in order to keep their businesses at the top; it makes them a lot of money!

The main SEO processes

There are three stages to organic SEO; Keyword Research, On-site optimization and Off-site optimization.

1) Keyword Research

This is the process of determining which words and phrases people are using to find your service or product. From our databases we can tell you exactly what people type in to search for your service or product. Not only that we can tell you how often they do it and where they are geographically located. This is called Keyword Research and is the first step in SEO.

With this information you then know which words and phrases to target in order to get the best quality traffic.

2) On-site Optimization

Once the keyword research is done and the words and phrases to target are decided, we look at your website. Those keywords need to be present on your website for Google to see. But they need to occur a certain number of times, they need to be located in particular areas of your website and they need to be in the correct format.

However, this is not labour intensive and we will not ask for many changes to your website.

You see, to achieve Page#1 the work on your actual website only accounts for about 20% of the work that is required, overall. The real magic happens off-site.

3) Off-site Optimization

Most of the off-site work relates to link building. Google determines the value of your website by the links coming into your site. The more they are relevant to your keywords and the more they come from other reputable websites the better. In effect they are considered votes for your site. The secret lies in the type of links and whether they use your keywords and how they ‘funnel’ down to your website.

This area is very complicated, it is what IMExperts excels in.

IMExperts have created a unique formula that gives Google exactly what it is looking for, and it works very well.

We have even managed to get new websites from nowhere, onto Page#1, within three weeks!

What is Google looking for?

Google wants to give the best results to the consumer (the searcher). If it didn’t do this then it wouldn’t last very long as a search engine. In fact Google does it VERY well. That is why 92% of searchers never need to look past the first page. They generally find what they are looking for within the first 10 results.

Google search is a quality product. It is also the most stringent search engine with regards determining who should be at the top. Google uses a complex algorithm to determine which results should show up there.

The exact algorithm is kept secret by Google but here at IMExperts we have a very good idea what it entails. Our extensive testing has shown us what criteria Google considers the most important. The algorithm is ever evolving and we keep on top of new developments as they occur.

How do IMExperts get such good results?

IMExperts have vast experience of fine tuning computer operating systems, especially database ones. With this knowledge (gained over a 20 year period consulting for some of the largest blue chip companies in the world), IMExperts have devised a strategy that gives Google exactly what it is looking for.

And it works! Our results are very impressive.

In fact, given the time, we believe we can crack any Page#1, in any market. We have successfully achieved Page#1 results for very competitive markets.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) – Google Adwords

The other way to get onto Page#1 of Google is by using Google Adwords, otherwise known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. These are the adverts that you see down the right hand side of the results page. And in some cases now they are also the first three results you see on the main results page. Creating a Google Adwords campaign gets you almost instantly onto Page#1.

We fully design, build and manage AdWords campaigns for our clients. Those campaigns can be national or international. We have successfully run some large Adwords campaigns for clients such as Mainline Commercials and MyPages Directory.

Our services include ;

  • keyword research and optimisation
  • creation,testing and expansion of ads
  • professional account management
  • structured campaign management
  • optimisation and expansion of ad groups
  • budget management
  • ad & conversion tracking
  • improvement of Quality Score


I have used the services of IMExperts and can fully recommend them. They managed to get our website onto Page#1 of Google in 3 weeks! This far exceeded my expectations and I never even realized this was possible. They are very professional, explain everything in detail and provide great service. I will definitely continue to use them to get our website onto Page#1 for other search terms as well.


IMExperts support Charities and good causes. If you are such an organisation then please get in touch to see if we can offer you any FREE SEO or Internet Marketing services.

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